The world of existence is like unto an orchard and humanity is like unto the trees.
All these trees are planted in the same orchard, reared through the heat of one sun, watered with one rain.
We must be the cause of the adornment of this orchard.
The world of humanity is like unto a rose garden and the various races, tongues and people are like unto contrasting flowers.
The diversity of colors in a rose-garden adds to the charm and beauty of the scene as variety enhances unity.

– From the Baha’i Teachings

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Dennis Panu, MCA. Dennis passed away unexpectedly at home on February 8, 2017 after a brief illness. He was 60 years old.

Dennis’s wife, Dawn Chase, has asked that existing and new clients contact Jeff Page about arborist services:

Page’s Tree Service
738 Wolf Den Road
Brooklyn, CT 06234
Cell Phone: 860 428-9570
Work Phone: 860 774-2501
E-Mail Jeff Page

Dennis Panu, Jan 5, 1957 - Feb 8, 2017

treet-in-handsFor many people, trees are an automatic, self-sustaining part of our world. Trees are a source of shade, air conditioning, and visual appeal that are “just there.” Trees are often overlooked and sadly taken for granted until they are gone. As Licensed Arborists in Connecticut, Massachusetts. and Rhode Island, our mission is to provide you with the information and means to keep your trees healthy for years to come.

Our Plant Health Care Program parallels advances in human health maintenance: preventive care, frequent monitoring, early detection of problems, and use of integrated treatments to provide long term solutions. Simple steps like mulching and watering, coupled with judicious pruning and fertilizing increase your trees’ resistance to insects and disease. When control measures are needed, we can select the most environmentally friendly options.

Our consulting services include insurance appraisals and damage assessments, tree preservation and site planning, and tree risk assessment.

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